Heinz Gappmayr


With his works Eduard Tauss redefines the traditional concepts of painting, specially regarding the expectations of the viewers of images. However, he is not so much concerned with the highly complex reality of colour, but rather with the production process, the essence of the material, and the relationship between colour and substance. Thus he has found an innovative way to refer to an ontological yet elementary problem that has so far received little attention. For Eduard Tauss the difference between the presence of colour conditioned by light and the compact mass of synthetic resin has been a source of inspiration.

The reactions to his works refer to a state-oriented quality which only at first glance has an object-like character. The important thing is to let what is visible take on its full existence and to leave aside all interpretation or symbolic transcendence.In his works eduard tauss presents a subtile differentiation between colour and substance which draws its significance from the comprehensive and yet incomprehensible nature of things.